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Rejection Letter Stories #5: Writing is love

…And you just can’t be everyone’s type. For another installment of our rejection letter series, here’s an excerpt from an essay by Terrence Cheng, author of Sons of Heaven (2002), and Deep in the Mountains (2007). I’d recommend reading the entire (short) essay on Glimmer Train‘s website, which is worth it just for the “thanks [...]

Rejection Letter Stories #4: Editors make mistakes too…(of course!)

Spencer Gordon, a student in U of Toronto’s Masters in creative writing program, and editor of a micropress called Ferno House, has another rejection story to share.  For the first three rejection letter stories, click here, here, and here. If you have a rejection letter story to share, email me at circulation[at] Spencer has published [...]

Rejection Letter Stories #3: Richard Cumyn

If you’re just tuning in, I’ve been asking friends and strangers to send me their rejection letter stories (if you’d like to write one, email me at  circulation [at] tnq [dot] ca), in an effort to remind us all that everyone receives rejection letters.  Check out installments 1 _ 2. Today’s letter is the first [...]

Rejection Letter Stories 2: not quite rejected

Rob Taylor, a Vancouver resident whose discourteous poems to the heritage minister I so greatly enjoyed, has decided to join in the rejection letter reminiscence (send me your rejection letter stories to circulation [at] When I asked him to supply a bio to introduce him, Rob explained that “his poetry has been rejected by [...]

The Tao of Form Rejection Letters

With the mountainous pile of manuscripts that hit our mailbox at TNQ, our rate of acceptance is very low (less than 3%).  I expect that the picture is the same for most literary magazines.  With odds like that, it’s difficult not to get discouraged when another rejection letter arrives in the mail. In an effort [...]


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