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Office Chatter: Fall/Winter edition

Since Catherine has abandoned her post (the funding for her position expired), office chatter hasn’t been the same. I don’t know if Maddy just has poorer spying skills than Catherine, or if we just suddenly stopped being interesting when both Catherine and Sandra left, but it’s taken us longer than usual to compile enough silly [...]

The Desire to Understand: Lisa Martin-deMoor on Crafting the Personal Essay

Part of the fun of adjudicating TNQ’s writing contests is that the process is completely anonymous. Each entry is given a number, and the writer behind the words remains a mystery until after the winner has been chosen.  Now that we’ve named our winners, however, we’d like to get to know the writers a little [...]

Story is a state of mind

I’m not going to lie: I’m definitely a member of the Sarah Selecky [TNQ # 116] fan club. Her first collection, This Cake is For The Party, was long-listed for the Frank O’Connor Short Story Award and shortlisted for the Giller—for good reason. Incidentally, the collection included “Standing up for Janey,” a short story first [...]

Reading Like a Mother

…is the name of my new blog, which is about—yes, you guessed it—what I’m reading these days, and how. I do hope you’ll drop in sometime when you’re done catching up with the New Quarterly crew here. The blog isn’t the only writing I’m doing these days, either. Several months ago, I read this essay [...]

Trashy Paperback Friday: It’s happening in your neighbourhood, now!

The price of poetry: Bahraini woman tortured for her craft

If there’s one thing that the world has taught me, it’s that poets are dangerous people who need to be locked up for the safety of others. At least that’s how they feel in Bahrain, where a 20-year old student was arrested and repeatedly beaten about the head with a baton. Her crime: reciting poetry [...]


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