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All the good introduction titles are taken

I guess this is the place to talk about who I am and what I’m doing working at The New Quarterly. My name is Humberto Gutierrez Sors. As my name implies, I was not born in Canada. I moved here with my family from Mexico a little over four years ago (yes, we use two [...]

Cuddly book stand.

I hope that the holidays have treated you well. As for me, I spent much of the week in bed, subject to the delirious effects of fever. Here is a photo of a puppy.

Office Chatter – September 2011

In which we are tantalized by paper, use ice cream as a security blanket, discover rainbows are libraries and appreciate the emphasis provided by a well-placed curse. With Context Maddy, on joining TNQ’s office team: “When I found out that you guys take your shoes off I thought, ‘This is the place for me.’” *** [...]

On Poetry & Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this weekend past, my favorite holiday, because, in our family at least, it’s all about feasting and friends, feasting and friends and thankfulness, something of which there’s sometimes a shortage in our lives, squeezed out by the daily stresses (the issue is late, our bank balance is dwindling, wonderful Contest Catherine’s time with us [...]

New kid on the block: An introduction to TNQ’s new intern

Hello all. I’m Madhulika, the new co-op student here at TNQ, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Now, before you start reading, stop and stare at my name. Yes, it is long and hard to pronounce, but I promise I am no alien from another planet. In June, as I [...]

Office Chatter – August 2011

With Context Catherine: “Your magic cloths are on the table. You guys can fight over who gets what colour.” Melissa: “WOO!” *silence* Melissa: “That “woo” was completely unrelated to what you just said. Was what you just said appropriate for a ‘woo’?” *** Sandra: “You know what happens the closer I get to leaving? I [...]


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