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TNQ Time Machine: Fall 1982

This little reading project of mine is back on track, at least for now; has anyone missed it besides me? Anyway. Fall 1982 was a particularly dark edition of TNQ.  Most of the fiction is by authors who have appeared in earlier issues, including a story by Gerald Noonan in which a child is molested [...]

TNQ Time Machine: is killing me…

Okay, so I knew this day would come, but I didn’t expect it to come so soon. Reading one issue of TNQ per week hasn’t been so hard, since the early issues are relatively short and I’m a fast reader. However, it seems this once-a-week schedule does not allow me sufficient mulling time. It’s not [...]

TNQ Time Machine: Summer 1982

This edition of TNQ begins with a story entitled “Buddha at the Laundromat: A Parable”. I’m not sure it’s the best piece of writing in the issue. But it is far and away the most interesting. It begins: So it’s Saturday morning and Buddha is huddled in the corner at the Bedford Highway U-Wash. He’s [...]

TNQ Time Machine: Spring 1982

The campus is very quiet in August, aside from the ambient construction noise, so I took this issue to read outside on my lunch hour, under a tree on a sunny but not overly hot day. The highlights of this issue, for this reader anyway, were a suite of satirical poems about academia and one [...]

TNQ Time Machine: Winter 1981

I read this issue on a quiet day in the NQ office. One of the two stories in this issue stars a grizzled old guy living in a mountain cabin (with a ghost who makes excellent whiskey, natch!) and the other, highly titillating tale features a pretty young woman whose apartment is broken into in [...]

TNQ Time Machine: Spring 1981

I cracked open the first edition of TNQ on the first really hot summer’s day in June, sitting under a maple tree after work.  The ‘old book’ smell combined with the humid air immediately reminded me of the Saturday morning trips to the library of my childhood, resting my chin on an armload of books [...]


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