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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Submission Guidelines Updated!

Humour me, please, by imagining yourself in the following scenario. It’s Tuesday morning, 9am, and you’ve got two hours of time to donate to The New Quarterly’s ever-growing pile of submissions. You sit down, ready to input data as quickly, and accurately, as you can to get through the 50 envelopes mailed from across Canada, [...]

Fiction Editor Amanda tells all…

Before heading out on maternity leave, Rosalynn asked some of the newer recruits to TNQ’s editorial team if they’d be willing to answer the following questions on The Literary Type—to tell her, in effect, what sort of literary type they are. Today we hear from Amanda Watkins, one of our fiction editors and part of [...]

Write your personal essay already!

Catherine has informed me that we’ve been receiving personal essays at a rate of about 1 every 5 minutes all day. (She’s just let me know that “Contest Catherine is losing her mind”—yes, she’s begun referring to herself in the 3rd person—as we’ve received 7 entries in the last 10 minutes.) I suppose it shouldn’t [...]

Panel discussion: Love of the Word—and More!

Want to get to know TNQ a little better? How about an inside look at the operation of a literary magazine? Our fearless Editor, Kim Jernigan, will be moderating a panel discussion as part of UWaterloo’s Knowledge Integration Speaker Series this Friday, January 28, 2:30-4pm in room 2002 of the EV2 building at the University [...]

Send Your Writers’ Reserve Grant App to TNQ!

Yes, it’s that time of year so here, again, is my spiel on how to get your Writers’ Reserve grant application recommended by TNQ for anyone new to this awesome program. The New Quarterly is accepting applications in fiction and poetry categories, both as general reserve funds and in the ‘regional’ category. Regional is defined [...]

Submissions at the push of a button? Why not?

I frequently get e-mail from writers asking why TNQ doesn’t allow e-mail submissions except for its contest entries. I know submitting by e-mail is easier (and cheaper) for writers, but we have our reasons, and I thought it might make more sense of the policy if I set them out here: • Having to go [...]


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