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E-readers—will they change how we read?

I was recently asked to respond to a series of questions from The Winnipeg Review, a new on-line journal, on e-books and e-publishing and their effect on traditional magazine publishing. These are the sort of crystal-ball questions that have been troubling the whole publishing infrastructure of late, and I’m not sure I was any better [...]

We swim in magazines

Amanda (one of our fiction editors) sent me this Conde Nast ad she discovered in her latest copy of The New Yorker. Because I love the internet but also read MANY print mags, it made me smile.

Are we *all* in it for love?

Yesterday, I posted about how publishing a lit mag is not a great way to make money. Though obviously, I don’t live under a rock and thus have known for a while that things aren’t as cushy as they once were with the ‘big’ publishers–and my definition of ‘big’ means a publisher significantly larger than [...]

Kindle versus Nook versus iPad

So, as a managing editor of a print publication, I’m often asked how I feel about e-readers, and whether I’d ever buy one. The answer is yes, I would. Would an e-reader take the place of print in my life? No, nothing could. But yes, I can definitely see the merits of these devices and [...]

a temporary madness

After a strange visit into the world of book banning, Transport Canada has announced that they’ve changed their security policy to allow books on airplanes. If this is the first you’ve heard about it, the fellow with the boxer bomb this Christmas made airlines tighten up security against dangerous items.  You know, like literature.  While [...]

“literature is dangerous—except when taken in large doses”

I just got a note from Farley Mowat yesterday.  Okay, so it was just part of a Green Party fund-raising campaign, but when I finished reading, I proclaimed that I dig Farley Mowat simply because he managed to get turned away by US customs after being invited to speak at a university there.  I assumed [...]


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