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Might Small Mag: Arc Poetry Magazine

The summer months are always a great time for reflection for lit mags and small publishers: they get to regroup, reorganize, and prepare for the autumn deluge of submissions, contest entries, and events. It’s fitting, then, that we are revisiting our Might Small Mag series with Arc Poetry Magazine because as of last month, The [...]

Who sends letter mail anyway?

We do. It’s official: Canada Post is on strike. For weeks leading up to the official strike deadline, we obsessively checked the news, gossiped with our letter carriers, scoured the Canada Post website for news. Most of the country, I’ve learned, is completely indifferent to our postal system. Not me. I can’t do my job [...]

We swim in magazines

Amanda (one of our fiction editors) sent me this Conde Nast ad she discovered in her latest copy of The New Yorker. Because I love the internet but also read MANY print mags, it made me smile.

Mighty Small [Mag]: Found Press Quarterly

Today we renew our Mighty Small Mag series with a new mag that does things a little differently. Last month, Found Press Quarterly launched its first issue, which includes the work of TNQ‘s own Cynthia Flood (Issue 115). FPQ uses a music analogy to explain their unique business model: like an album, the digital magazine [...]

Learning things the hard way

TNQ learns a lot of things the hard way. People tend to imagine literary magazines as somehow glamorous (I certainly did, to some extent, as I tried to wedge my way into TNQ for my Arts Management practicum. Rosalynn set me straight when she said that I’d have to wedge myself into their closet-sized office—there [...]

Are we *all* in it for love?

Yesterday, I posted about how publishing a lit mag is not a great way to make money. Though obviously, I don’t live under a rock and thus have known for a while that things aren’t as cushy as they once were with the ‘big’ publishers–and my definition of ‘big’ means a publisher significantly larger than [...]


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