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Bedtime Stories

Before she was born, I often daydreamed about afternoons spent cuddling with my daughter on the couch and reading her stories. Thus far, this is one of many (oh, so many) such dreams that reality has not borne out. In the daytime, unless she’s super tired or under the weather, Chelsea is way too busy [...]

All Times Have Been Modern by Elisabeth Harvor

I picked up this book because my friend Catherine challenged me to re-read. A few days ago she checked in on my progress and, finding it unsatisfactory, threatened to stop bringing her home-made chocolate chip cookies to TNQ until I complied. Hm. How do I express the severity of this situation? To say Catherine has [...]

Twelve Books I Won’t Re-read and One I Will

A little while ago there was an excellent discussion here on the blog about re-reading, kicked off by my friend Catherine, an avid re-reader who was shocked to hear that I rarely read a book more than once, regardless of how much I enjoyed it. This conversation continued well into the comments; thanks, all of [...]

The Joys of Re-reading

A few days ago, I wrote a post on bookstore math, in which I casually admitted I almost never re-read books. My dear friend Catherine, one of our crack team of TNQ volunteers, was shocked by this and said so in the comments. The subject came up again today, as we were sitting in the [...]


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