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Some Sunday silliness

Bedtime Stories

Before she was born, I often daydreamed about afternoons spent cuddling with my daughter on the couch and reading her stories. Thus far, this is one of many (oh, so many) such dreams that reality has not borne out. In the daytime, unless she’s super tired or under the weather, Chelsea is way too busy [...]

Writers make the best reading recommendations!

The latest issue of TNQ, a particularly handsome and robust issue that’s already elicited comments from both our mailing house and distributor, is, as we speak (type?), limping its way through the Canadian Postal system (which we’ve recently learned is one of the most expensive in the world) to subscribers across the country. While you’re [...]

Is Ottawa a literary capital, too?

Anyone who has found his or her way onto rob mclennan’s e-mail list knows what a restless writer, publisher, and literary agent-provocateur he is. Streams of correspondence come my way, some of it broadcast and some of it imploring me in my capacity as editor of TNQ: Might I turn my eyes to this or [...]

If you ask me, Every Year is the Year of the Short Story

I have always loved the short story, which has both the compression and concentrated feeling we associate with poetry and the narrative pull of the novel, but with a wonderful way of soaring off into metaphor, turning on a dime, or opening the ground beneath our feet at the end. Many people think that the [...]

Copernicus Avenue

If you loved Andrew Borkowski’s story, “Babagaya”, in the current issue (#117) of TNQ, you may be interested to know that it has been included in his brand new collection of short stories, Copernicus Avenue, published by Cormorant Books. If you haven’t read “Babagaya,” I’d suggest you start there, as it’s one of those stories [...]


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