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The Cover Story: Issue 114, The Lists Issue

Our cover for this issue was designed by its guest editor, writer and collage artist Diane Schoemperlen. In writing to Diane to commission a cover design, Kim let slip my comment that imagining her workspace was giving me a mild panic attack: I am, um, not a fan of clutter, so the idea of a [...]

Surrogate Selves

Writing my introduction to our upcoming Lists Issue got me reflecting on my own recent experience with the genre. My father died a year ago February, and I spent several weeks last summer cleaning out his home of 50 plus years. It was a big job as both my parents were savers. I brought home [...]

Title Trouble? Take One of These.

I always struggle with titles—maybe you do, too. Enter Diane Schoemperlen, writer and Guest Editor of our upcoming Lists Issue: Many writers have trouble with titles. I’ve often listened to them describing the extended anguish they’ve experienced when trying to come up with exactly the right title for a work of poetry and prose. Rather [...]

Peter Watts Conviction: A story told in list form

Last Friday night, Chicago-based spoken-word artist J.W. Baz stayed on my couch after his performance at the London Poetry Slam, in exchange for a poetry chapbook and spoken word CD. I’d never met him before, but he seemed like a nice enough fellow, and he said that if we were ever in the Chicago area, [...]

Adventures in English: The Embarrassing Edition!!

So, a while ago, I posted about the Rae Crossman Rule, and my dear friend Catherine called me out, wanting to know which of my own mistakes I’ve proffered to colleagues I’ve had the (rare) opportunity to correct. Because my tolerance for embarrassment apparently knows no bounds, here is a brief selection. Enjoy.

My Non-Fiction Superheroes

If it’s written well enough, I’ll read about pretty much any subject. Both Kim and I have said this in the office, many a time. For the second installment of my Lists Issue Countdown, here’s a list of some of my favorite writers of non-fiction and the most unlikely of the many subjects with which [...]


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