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Misplaced priorities, a misinformed library, & 19444 lost hours

The council of Conception Bay, Newfoundland’s largest city, decided last week that a public library was an unnecessary expenditure. Or it didn’t (and it was all a big misunderstanding), depending on who you talk to. Plans for the city’s new town hall building originally included space for a new library, since council had been promising [...]

Little libraries abound!

Rick Brooks and Todd Bol of Madison, Wisconsin are on a mission: they are trying to beat Andrew Carnegie’s record by building more than 2,509 libraries. Sure, the libraries are the size of a large bird house, but that’s part of the fun. The Little Free Libraries are built to hold roughly 20 books, and [...]

Library chaos

The Utne reader points to an interesting cultural phenomenon emerging in Japan: the impact of the earthquake wrecked havoc on libraries across the country, resulting in “an odd, semi-social photographic trend rumbling under the internet’s surface: Japanese people were uploading hundreds of images of denuded library shelves and fields of unorganized books.” The photos are [...]

If you feel like skewing results…

The National Book Count is on for three more days. The National Reading Campaign and partners have undertaken the task of counting how many books are purchased or checked out of libraries across Canada between January 10-16. This means that if you were putting off some wild and crazy book purchases, doing so this week [...]

Phone Booth Lending Library

The BBC News reports on a Telephone booth turned into a lending library.  Sort of like a central BookCrossing outlet, the booth is a place where people can borrow a book they haven’t read and drop off one they have. “It is completely full at the moment with books. Anyone is free to come and [...]

Are you a Lumper or a Splitter?

In her essay, “Marrying Libraries,”  Anne Fadiman confesses that she and her husband did not “mix their books together” until they had lived together for six years.  Aside from the tricky matter of purging duplicates—whose copy of Middlemarch would prevail?—the main reason Fadiman cites for keeping their respective collections intact and separate is their  “essential [...]


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