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Fiction Editor Amanda tells all…

Before heading out on maternity leave, Rosalynn asked some of the newer recruits to TNQ’s editorial team if they’d be willing to answer the following questions on The Literary Type—to tell her, in effect, what sort of literary type they are. Today we hear from Amanda Watkins, one of our fiction editors and part of [...]

Commas save lives

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How We Choose Poetry

Part Three, by Mark Spielmacher It’s difficult to say what makes a poem work for me. I only know that I expect it to be a resilient thing, however delicate the poet intends it to be. It should have a certain rootedness, and a tough exterior of words that seem as if they are the [...]

How We Choose Poetry

Part Two, by Erin Noteboom Bow Of all the questions writers dread, “Why do you write?” is the worst. For poets, “why poetry?” must be a close second. I heard once a good answer, which came to mind again and again as I tried to pick a handful of poems from the stack of ones [...]

How We Choose Poetry

Poets, take note! Last week Kim posted the second of a two-part series on how we choose fiction here at TNQ. Now, it’s your turn.  This post marks the first of a four-part series on what our editors look for in a poem.

How We Choose Stories and Other Mythical Beasts, Part 2

In my last post, I talked about where TNQ stories come from and described the procedure we follow in reviewing fiction submissions. Today I want to say something about our editorial criteria. That’s the “mythical beast” of my title because, though we often note in full confidence of being understood that such and such doesn’t [...]


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