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The Heart Is An Involuntary Muscle

First, a confession: I nicked this book from the stack of books donated to TNQ for door prizes and such at the galas we used to put on before our board found a significantly less stressful manner of raising funds. My intention was to just borrow it for a little while but the thing is, [...]

Generation X by Douglas Coupland

Countdown to the Lists Issue: This is the first of a series of posts celebrating the ‘lure of lists’ from now until the day the Lists Issue of TNQ is mailed (hopefully, about six weeks from now!). My review of Generation X, book number 11 in my Great Canadian Book Challenge, in three lists: 3 [...]

February by Lisa Moore

I was afraid to read this novel, and not just because Lisa Moore is one of my favorite authors, and I don’t do disappointment well. I was afraid because I knew it would force me to feel and consider, at length and in intimate detail, one of my greatest fears: it is written (in part) [...]

Galore by Michael Crummey

Some novels you can read in snatches over several weeks, at the bus stop or in the kitchen while waiting for the toast to pop. Galore is not one of these. I started reading it Christmas Eve, and discovered then that this book is nearly physically impossible to put down after anything less than, say, [...]

The Idler’s Glossary by Joshua Glenn and Mark Kingwell

This book, the seventh one I’ve read for my Great Canadian Book Challenge, was given to me by Dan Wells at the Eden Mills Writers Festival in September. The Biblioasis booth just happened to be next to TNQ’s and I suspect he noticed me eyeing it up all afternoon, thinking things like ‘why didn’t I [...]

All Times Have Been Modern by Elisabeth Harvor

I picked up this book because my friend Catherine challenged me to re-read. A few days ago she checked in on my progress and, finding it unsatisfactory, threatened to stop bringing her home-made chocolate chip cookies to TNQ until I complied. Hm. How do I express the severity of this situation? To say Catherine has [...]


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