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If you ask me, Every Year is the Year of the Short Story

I have always loved the short story, which has both the compression and concentrated feeling we associate with poetry and the narrative pull of the novel, but with a wonderful way of soaring off into metaphor, turning on a dime, or opening the ground beneath our feet at the end. Many people think that the [...]

If you feel like skewing results…

The National Book Count is on for three more days. The National Reading Campaign and partners have undertaken the task of counting how many books are purchased or checked out of libraries across Canada between January 10-16. This means that if you were putting off some wild and crazy book purchases, doing so this week [...]

We are now sold out of issue #113: Matters of the Heart

At least, we no longer have a single copy of Matters of the Heart in the office. It’s no surprise, given the superlative feedback we’ve received for the issue, but now may be your last chance to pick up a copy at your local bookstore or newsstand before they sell out too! If they don’t [...]

Forest Friendly Books

Indigo Books has just realized that “there’s a significant crossover in the people who read books and the people who care about environmental issues…. the more books people buy, the more strongly they feel about environmental values.” I chalk this up to the fact that all you lovely book readers are just plain smarter. What [...]

Bookstore Math

I’ve spent a lot of time in bookstores. I usually arrive with a purpose—to buy a particular title—and search it out immediately but then I end up spending, at minimum, half an hour browsing the stacks, collecting an armful of books as I drift from section to section. When I reach that uneasy point at [...]


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