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When words come to life — literally

Mesmerizing isn’t it? Say hello to one of the most promising artists of our time, Ebon Heath. He is a Berlin-based artist with roots in Brooklyn and Bali, who is currently revolutionizing the face of visual poetry. Yes, that means words that we not only see, but can also touch and feel. He is transforming [...]

Go ahead, judge a book by its cover

The new issue has finally arrived. The nice man from St. Jacob’s Printery popped in with about a dozen boxes of the latest issue. I immediately got up to help him. One, because my Mama taught me always to help others, and two, because I was eager to rip open the boxes so I could [...]

New kid on the block: An introduction to TNQ’s new intern

Hello all. I’m Madhulika, the new co-op student here at TNQ, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Now, before you start reading, stop and stare at my name. Yes, it is long and hard to pronounce, but I promise I am no alien from another planet. In June, as I [...]


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