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TNQ 30th party – the sordid details

The New Quarterly’s 30th birthday bash was end of last month (November 23), and if you missed it I am so, so sorry for you. You can look at photos of the event here > Since my last blog post, I’ve moved from being a full-time part of the office team back to Volunteer Extraordinaire [...]

Office Chatter – September 2011

In which we are tantalized by paper, use ice cream as a security blanket, discover rainbows are libraries and appreciate the emphasis provided by a well-placed curse. With Context Maddy, on joining TNQ’s office team: “When I found out that you guys take your shoes off I thought, ‘This is the place for me.’” *** [...]

The Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Experience 2011

Periodically, TNQ takes field trips (if you count the amount of times we go out for lunch, you can swap “periodically” for “frequently”). On Sunday, September 18, we made our annual trip to the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival. Sunday was my first venture to this literary festival (I’m usually at the cottage for one last [...]

Office Chatter – August 2011

With Context Catherine: “Your magic cloths are on the table. You guys can fight over who gets what colour.” Melissa: “WOO!” *silence* Melissa: “That “woo” was completely unrelated to what you just said. Was what you just said appropriate for a ‘woo’?” *** Sandra: “You know what happens the closer I get to leaving? I [...]

The Day I Learned How to Choose a Winning Essay

I made extensive preparations for this day. I set aside repetitive work that could be interrupted without penalty. Made sure I had some good snacks. Then I settled to my task and waited for the show to begin. The Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest judges were meeting to choose the winner. I had taken to [...]

Office Chatter – July 2011

I suppose I should go with New Quarterly tradition and come up with a theme for these Office Chatter posts. All right, this post’s theme is…uh…never mind, I got nuthin’. Just enjoy! With Context Our co-op student, Symon, on why he detests spiders: “They’re not gross, they’re just terrifying to me. They’re the only animal [...]


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