Office Chatter: Fall/Winter edition

Since Catherine has abandoned her post (the funding for her position expired), office chatter hasn’t been the same. I don’t know if Maddy just has poorer spying skills than Catherine, or if we just suddenly stopped being interesting when both Catherine and Sandra left, but it’s taken us longer than usual to compile enough silly quips to post.

And so,  I present to you the October/November/December edition of Office Chatter, starring a slightly different cast of characters, including Dylan, our newest Volunteer Extraordinaire, and Brent, our Board Treasurer. The good news is that Catherine plans to return to the office (as Volunteer Extraordinaire) in the near future, at which point I’m sure we’ll become wildly entertaining.

With Context

Dylan, entering contact information into our submissions database: “RR#2… I guess she lives on the robot side of town. ”

Kim, trying to hang art on the wall: “Where oh where is that literary award statue that I sometimes use to drive a nail?”

No Context Needed

Melissa: “Great, now my eye balls are sweating.”

Symon: “In other exciting news I got my first rejection letter. It says only nice things except that they don’t like my sense of humour. That’s okay though, because I have others. I’m going to keep all my rejection notices and when I’m rich and famous I’ll publish them in a book titled ‘Humourless.’”

Brent: What is the origin of spring chicken? It’s not biological is it?

Melissa: “Hey it’s Ice cream Monday! Oh no wait, today’s Wednesday. Life is so disappointing.”

Context Can’t Save You Now!

Melissa: “The New Quarterly: office of a thousand paper bags.”

Dylan: “When it comes to poetry, I have a predatory mindset. I find the weakest poets and pick them off…and slowly accumulate the good stuff for my herd.”

Madhulika: “I really wish I wasn’t wearing any pants right now.”

Melissa: “Political poetry puts everyone in a bad mood.”

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